Rita Ora dhe Dua Lipa bëjnë thirrje të ndihmohet Shqipëria

Autori: Gazeta inFokus 22:41 | 28 November 2019

Pas këngëtarës kosovare Rita Ora e cila kërkojë ndihmë për të prekurit nga tërmeti, thirrje që të ndihmohet Shqipëria bëri edhe këngëtarja me famë Dua Lipa.

Dua Lipa në Instagram i ka kushtuar një shkrim festës së 28 nëntorit-Ditës së Flamurit ku përmend edhe gjendjen e rëndë në të cilën po kalon populli shqiptar, shkruan gazeta inFokus.

Ajo ka bërë thirrje që në forma të ndryshme të ju ndihmohet të gjitha familjeve që i mbijetuan tmerrit dhe që kanë mbetur në qiell të hapur./Gazeta infokus/.





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This 28th of November, OUR National Flag Day, finds us in the middle of pain for the lost lives of the devastating earthquake in Albania and being proud of the solidarity that our brothers and sisters in Kosova and all around the world are showing towards this tragedy. As always we are all united and we are all looking for the best ways to help the affected families, children who lost their parents, parents who lost their children, and friends looking to find each other and be there for their loved ones. Every moment wasted looks like a moment too late in raising worldwide awareness of this tragedy, and that is why I can not wait any longer. Apart from mine and my family’s personal donations I am teaming up with my friends Kujtim and Arben from to create materials that will be sold worldwide and 100% of the proceeds will go towards the affected families of the earthquake in Albania. All the proceeds will go directly to the official accounts provided by the Government of Albania with whom we were in contact through our friends in Prishtine. We have proved to be strong and at the moments like this we come together as a nation of brothers and sisters UNITED. Pray for Albania and for the lives lost. Join the best way of helping the cause or do your own thing. The time is always right. ??❤️

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