Modelja pendohet për rritjen e gjoksit, e heq silikonin: Më pengoi të bëja seks

Autori: Gazeta inFokus 21:19 | 11 June 2019

Një modele Instagrami, e cila 5 vite më parë kishte shpenzuar plot 5 mijë paund për të bërë një ndërhyrje kirurgjikale që i rriti numrin e gjoksit, është penduar për vendimin e marrë dhe i ka hedhur tutje platformat prej silikoni.

Vendimin, Sarah Hyde e ka marrë pasi u bind se gjoksi i zmadhuar kishte “helmuar” trupin e saj, ndërsa më parë gjatë këtij viti pati edhe një shpërthim të silikonit.

Biondja australiane zbuloi se beson se kirurgjia plastike i kishte shkaktuar depresion, lodhje, intolerancë ushqimore, dëshirë të ulët, vonesë me menstruacionet por edhe pengesë të theksuar në jetën e saj seksuale.

Në një postim në Instagram, ajo shpjegoi simptomat e saj. “Gjatë 3 viteve të fundit unë kam vuajtur nga shumë simptoma të pashpjegueshme si intoleranca e ushqimit, depresioni, lodhja, mungesa e seksit, epshi i ulët, mjegulla e trurit, dobësitë e muskujve!”

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YAY my scars have all healed over – 👉🏻 Swipe right I’m 7 weeks post EXPLANT & feeling ready to take on life again from a much better place! ⠀ I am feeling more MYSELF than I ever have 🙏🏼⠀⠀ Can’t wait to get my butt back to GYM next week after having my consultation with my coach yesterday! This week I’m starting dancing to help tap more into femininity, part-time work, studies & I’ll be opening up spots for health coaching clients 😍 as much as a up & down journey #breastimplantilness has been it’s taught me so much about myself it’s forced me to face my inner critic learn to love and accept all parts of myself, it’s made me realise I have always been beautiful & enough with or without implants! I hope by me sharing my journey I can inspire other women to realise the same for them selves too!⠀⠀ We’re all ENOUGH & BEAUTIFUL!! ☺️⠀⠀ Since explanting I’ve learnt a lot about women’s health, how the human body works and reacts to chemicals & toxins… ⠀⠀ I honestly feel like I was ment to go through all of this for a reason it’s created a fire in my belly and fuelled my passion even more… ⠀⠀ I am about to embark on the journey of cleansing, ridding my body & liver of any toxins left behind from the implants and resetting my entire bodies system so I can fully step into the healthiest version of myself the person I came here to be! I’ve had so many women ask about my detoxification process so I’ll be sharing more about it in my stories and future posts ☺️⠀⠀ In my next post I’ll be delving deeper into what I have discovered since explanting and how everything I’ve been through is all linked together! ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Feel free to ask me any questions below 💓👇🏻⠀ ⠀ 📷 Thanks to my new roomie for helping capture this photo 😘 @alishajadeee_ _ ⠀ Disclaimer – this photo isn’t ment to upset or offend anyone, I would never have posted a photo showing scars in the past usually I would of tired to hide the scars, I’ve now changed I accept all parts of me & these scars are apart of my story! 🙌🏻

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I DID IT….. I’m now BOOBIE FREE AFTER 5 years!! 🎉🎉🚫🙊 -SWIPE RIGHT 👉🏻👉🏻 – I’ve been so nervous about making this post 😭…. – Time for me to open up! READ BELOW👇🏻 Over the past 3 years I have been suffering from so many unexplained symptoms from food intolerances, depression, easily fatigued, IBS & bloating, no period for 4 years, low libido 🙅‍♀️ brain fog, muscle weaknesses! 😢 the list goes on! Every time I would go after big dreams & goals I would burn out & lose focus 😖 I have been in and out of naturopaths, seeing doctors, specialists, kinesiologists & doing everything I can to heal myself mentally & physically & get to the bottom of my health problems! I spent $1,000s told I’ll get better & I would still suffer with these symptoms! 🤷🏼‍♀️ you would think after all of this I would be so healthy! – I knew something was SERIOUSLY not right! it had honestly left me questioning everything frustrated and confused 🤔 Then I randomly stumbled across a women’s story of an illness she was suffering from called #breastimplantilness as soon as I heard this I had an instant gut feeling that this was me too! At first I didn’t want to believe that my beloved implants where making my sick 🤒 but after finding a FB group with 60,000+ women across the globe that were all suffering from the same symptoms as me I knew in my heart it was true! I began to research high & low! I couldn’t believe what I was finding out! 🤯 While I do my best to promote health, share my journey & always improve and be an example for others! I have been suffering in silence & devastated because I am so passionate about health & this left me feeling in-authentic as a health & fitness professional because I could never seem to get my health in its optimal state! 😥 And for some-time I’ve been suppressing my passion and not sharing my journey as much because I haven’t been feeling myself at all!! I just started to think this is just me! 🤧 That couldn’t of been further from the truth I had been getting slowly poisoned by 40 different chemicals & heavy metals ☠️🙅‍♀️ T.B.C IN PART 2 next post 💓💓👉🏻

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